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Birthday Messages for Husband Birhday

miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Two More Messages for Husband Birhday

  • Although this chance comes once in an year, if i was to be asked to make a choice, I would have wished it to be there on daily basis. Just for me to have this special opportunity to express my well wishes on my dear husband’s birthday. May you live until you lose all your teeth. Happy birthday honey. I love and will always love you.
  • Here comes my message to you. I mean you my dearest husband. The love of my life. The healer of my heart. I want you to know that am so proud to be the mother of your children. When i look at them, I see your image. The perfect image of love. I will treasure you up to the end of time. Happy birthday, dad to my kids.

Husband Birhday

That sounds good and sweet. Anyway, you can always top up with some gifts and presents. About the gift, I won’t make a specific choice. You know your husband pretty well, don’t you? So I will only drop you a piece of advice. Am sure it will help. Buy him something that he used to like and adore when he was a young boy. That will remind him of some good memories and bring a smile on his face. With that, you will have made your husband birthday, because a smile heals so many heart wounds. Your man is now yours. Only yours.

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